Reasons to Call for Graffiti Removal in Melbourne for Your Business

Graffiti is a form of vandalism that can cost business owners dearly. Not only is there the cost of removal to take into consideration, but also the fact that the offensive words and images often contained in graffiti will likely discourage customers and clientele and may leave them feeling less secure. That’s why you need to act immediately as soon as you notice graffiti on your premises and why you should consider professional graffiti removal, available in Melbourne through Graffiti Wipeout.

You can define Graffiti as being the end process of defacing any property, either public or private, and it includes any markings made without the property owner’s permission. While some graffiti, sometimes referred to as ‘tagging,' may be small and simple to clean up, other forms can cover entire walls and require special removal treatments. In either case, it is vital to seek graffiti removal for your Melbourne business to prevent unsightly and offensive forms of vandalism from hurting your bottom line.

Since 1992, Graffiti Wipeout has provided premier graffiti removal in Melbourne trusted by businesses and government agencies alike. We have evolved into one of Australia’s premier graffiti solution teams, thanks to our quality cleaning and protective services.

At Graffiti Wipeout, we understand the need to act quickly. Thanks to The Graffiti Wipeout Advantage, when you call us, you can rest assured that we will arrive within 48 hours at your site in Melbourne, or your first hour is free. Isn’t it time you called to reclaim what’s yours? Don’t wait. Act today and get rid of your graffiti headache before it becomes a real problem. Read More

Glass Window Graffiti Removal

Graffiti vandalism is an increasing problem in places like schools where troubled youth can gain easy access to the school premises. It is also a target for rival youth gangs who want their message to be heard by those they are targeting as well as others, as a show of power and to gain a following. Storefront windows and other public areas also often suffer from this menace.

Often people are forced to replace whole glass panes, an exercise that can be expensive for huge display windows. Glass graffiti removal while difficult, is possible and cheaper. In addition, it is a more eco-friendly method of dealing with the problem, as replacing glass constitutes waste.

There are three basic ways glass is vandalised by graffiti perpetrators:

  • Acid etched graffiti
  • Painted graffiti

Cheaper and Faster Glass Graffiti Removal

The greatest problem of window or glass graffiti is how expensive and time consuming it is to repair it. Replacing whole panes takes 2-3 working days at the very minimum, going over the recommended 48 hour response time. It creates a bad image and sends a message that the vandalised area is not adequately secured.

This is where we come in. Grafitti Wipe Out are experts in window graffiti removal are able to assist you to repair the following:

  • Acid etched graffiti
  • Painted graffiti

Our Methods

  • For Acid Etch Graffiti: Perpetrators use hydrofluoric acid with acetone that penetrates the glass. We remove this by neutralizing the crust that is formed on top of the acid etching in the glass, and then finely polish it to leave a smooth surface with no optic distortion.
  • For Scratched Glass Graffiti: We successively sand the glass down evenly with very fine grit until the scratch has been reached and removed, and light can once again travel through in a straight line.
  • For Painted Glass Graffiti: We use a petroleum solvent, or chemical paint stripper to dissolve the paint, and then wipe off the residue. Graffiti paint should be removed as early as possible, as the longer it has to dry, the more difficult it will be to remove and the more solvent one will have to use.

We at Graffiti Wipe Out, use careful selection criteria on a case-by-case basis, to decide on the suitability of the removal method and material to be used.

To prevent damage from further attacks such as scratches, gouges and acid etching, we recommend you install a protective window film. This will decrease the ability of the perpetrators to damage your windows and is considered an effective and affordable protection measure.

It can be used over glass in a wide variety of places such as private homes, shops, and restaurants, to name a few. Our expertise in the area of glass graffiti removal can assist you to repair what has been damaged, or to protect from damage.

To get an estimation, please send us an enquiry online, or give us a call on 1300 889 831.

Our experienced team members pride themselves on providing graffiti removal services including removing, prevention and cleaning. Contact us today for more information.

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